Two Great Podcasts

Two Great Podcasts

As I don’t have proper time to create decent content myself (I try to squeeze a week work into one day), I will leave you with two good podcasts that I listened on my way to UK few days ago.

First one is from Kevin Rogers with his Marketing Masters Highlights episode. He has put together excerpts from different marketing gurus and there are some really good reminders for copywriters and marketers alike.

“Can’t Miss” Moments:

  • The ONE skill every copywriter must master if you’re serious about the craft and wanna bring in the big bucks. (Even if you’re writing stellar copy… ignore this and your sales message will fall on deaf ears.)
  • Why you’re bludgeoning your prospect with “Mental Opt-out” without even knowing it… and how to flip the script and get him going “DAMN you! I couldn’t sleep until I ordered…”
  • The “UM” method for wiping out every single competitor from your prospect’s memory… and installing cultist-like devotion in his greedy little brain for YOUR offer ONLY.
  • You’re welcome to come work at Agora…but can you handle hell week? (Joe outlines the Navy SEAL inspired training that you must first survive.)
  • Let’s hope you have this one intangible trait for long term success. (It’s what’s propelled a former accountant into becoming Agora’s top performing copywriter.)

Link to his podcast can be found here:

And the second podcast is from Ray Edwards. He interviewed Mark Mason and they talked about which platforms are still relevant and what are the trends to pay attention to.

Here are some of the questions Mark answered to:

1. Is affiliate marketing still a real thing normal people can do?
2. Why would one approach an internet business as a side hustle, instead of burning the ships?
3. Day Job Secrets: Should You Tell Your Boss About Your Side Gig?
4. Do you think all this vlogging, snapping, Vining, and Instagramming is a sign of rampant narcissim?
5. Why don’t you post a bunch of quote memes to show us how smart you are?
6. How hard is it for the Average Joe to optimize a website?
7. And finally, why a post about depression?

Find link to Ray Edwards podcast here:

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