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    I don’t quite remember how I discovered Ryan’s book “Ask.”. It was little before his first


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Ryan Levesque

Ryan Levesque

I don’t quite remember how I discovered Ryan’s book “Ask.”. It was little before his first big launch of his now famous online course Ask Method Masterclass. It has to be one of the biggest online course launches to date..  Today, Ryan is one of the IM superstars.

You can check the testimonials on his website and it tells a lot about the level he’s operating.

Back to the book. It’s easily one of the best business books I’ve read. And I’ve read a lot. I don’t think I’ve made so many notes in any other book, ever. Get it here (Free + shipping). I am not an affiliate.

What is The Ask Method all about?

It’s about using quizzes to automatically segment your audience. This allows you to make ultra-targeted offers to your list while using the exact same language they are using. It’s very powerful.

I have not fully implemented Ryan’s methods, but been using quizzes last few months to segment my list (I have a tax advisory business in Europe) and it has shot my conversions up by 48%!

Read more about Ryan from this Business Insider article.

Introduction from Ryan’s website

Ryan Levesque is a software entrepreneur and the author of the #1 National Best-Selling book, ASK – as featured in Inc. Magazine as the #1 Marketing Book of 2015 and in Entrepreneur Magazine as the #2 Must-Read Book for Budding Entrepreneurs. The ASK Method® was recently highlighted in Forbes Magazine as one of the Top 10 Business Trends for 2017.

The ASK Method® is a marketing methodology designed to identify the different “buckets” or segments that exist in any market, and provide a tailored buying experience online based on an individual’s bucket.

In addition to offering training, consulting, and certification for entrepreneurs and marketers looking to implement the ASK Method, Ryan Levesque is also an investor in – the segmentation software entrepreneurs are using to implement the ASK Method in their business.




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Ryan is author of 3 books, and creator of 34 information and software products – most famously the award-winning RocketMemory™ course system, and the Best-Selling SurveyFunnelFormula. As marketing & business coach, Ryan has generated over $120 million in additional revenue for his private clients since 2008.


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