Russel Brunson

Russel Brunson

Who’s that 14 -year old guy? Why is he so successful? How is he so succcessful? Also a best-selling author? He must be some kind of internet genius. These were my first thoughts when I learned about Russel Brunson.

It turned out he’s like 35. He just looks young. Not taking anything away from Mr. Russel Brunson. He’s phenomenally successful. And he has cult-like loyal followers. Many of them.

Russel’s the guy behind Clickfunnels – one of the most popular tools to build online sales funnels. I’ve used it as well. It’s great.

He’s is convinced that funnels is THE way to succeed online and Clickfunnels is THE tool to use to create them.  He’s even said that “It’s not a matter of if you’re going to use ClickFunnels. It’s a matter of when you’re going to use it.”

Some Conor Mcgregor style of confidence right here (btw, as it went to the fight sports, Russel did wrestling in high school).

Russel has this “likeability” super power. Even when he sells, it doesn’t come off as selling. His just super excited about his product, coupled with conviction that it’s really the best thing since sliced bread.

So, during the time he was in college he started his first company.

A year after his graduation, Brunson made his first million. Selling products from his basement.

Today, Clickfunnels is a 8 figure business. They have about 10 000 paying customers. And growing rapidly. He has one of the most popular live events in the online marketing world – Funnel Hacking Live.

Lately he started his own channel – Funnel Hacker TV.

What I like about Russel is that he doesn’t just sell information products to people. He actually has built a real software business.

At Clickfunnels, they do consulting/implementing funnels for the clients, so if you’ve got extra cash and you want to get it done by the pros, then I recommend to contact Russel’s team.

Introduction from Russel’s website

I found the best/most in-depth introduction from his website. It’s few years old, but you’ll get the overview of the man. I edited out the videos and pictures, so if you want to get the full picture, I recommend to click the link below the text I’ve pasted here.

Hey – My name is Russell, and I wanted to welcome you to my marketing laboratory. Ya, I know it kinda looks like a blog, but there’s a reason for that.

You see, a little over 10 years ago, I started my first online business while I was in college (selling potato gun DVDs) and this little hobby became my obsession.

Since then I’ve started and launched over a dozen different companies selling everything from software to supplements and more.  My other companies is where I test out my weird ideas, and here at DotComSecrets is where I share what I’ve learned.

My goal is to ALWAYS give away better stuff on this site for FREE, then other people charge for in their courses.

My Story:

So, I told you before that I am a marketing junkie.

Yes… I collect junk mail (I have been collecting it since I was 12 years old)

Yes… When I listen to the radio or watch TV, I’m usually watching for the commercials, and often times I will fast forward through a show to watch a commercial (because that is the REAL entertainment for me…) and my wife knows that if we are watching a show or listening to the radio on a road trip, she’ll get in trouble if she changes the channel… because THAT is WHY I’m tuning in.

Yes, I love marketing and sales… But before I was writing sales letters, creating products and driving traffic, I was a wrestler.

The Wrestler..

In high school I was a state champion at 140 lbs, and I became an All-American my senior year when I took 2nd place in the country at high school nationals.

I then wrestled a year at BYU before the dropped their program, and then I transferred to Boise State and wrestled my last 4 years there at 165 lbs. Wrestling is really where I found myself, and I don’t think there’s a day that goes by that I don’t competing.

The Family Man..

While I was going to college, I met my beautiful wife Collette, and have been bless to be married for over 10 years now to my best friend.

After we first got married, we struggled to have kids. I would like to share with you a short video about that part of our journey, because you’ll see how one business was able to transform our life forever…

The Business..

When I got done wrestling, I shifted all of my focus towards my new business. My senior year I had made about $250,000… and within a year of graduation I had made my millionth dollar selling little products I had created.

It was so exciting that I wanted to share it with the world. I started writing about what I was doing, I got invited to speak at seminars all around the world, and soon I launched this blog, DotComSecrets, to show people the secrets I learned (and am learning) about how to start, grow and promote a business online.

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