Promo Box: More User Engagement. More Leads. More Revenue.


Start Getting More Out of Your Blog by Adding Attention-Grabbing Contextual Promo Boxes in Your Blog Posts.

What’s the Plugmatter Promo Box?

A Promo Box is a simple promotional box used contextually in your blog post in the form of optin, call to action or info box. It grabs your users’ attention and generates more response.

Why Should I Use It?

Promo boxes allow you to take contextual list building, double optin process, product sales, etc. on your blog to the next level. If increasing user-engagement at all ends is your priority, promo box is for you.

How Do I Create One?

Simple! You either hire a designer to get it designed and struggle with the code to position it on your blog OR get our plugin and create hundreds of such promotional boxes in minutes and smart position it – without any coding.


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