Citation Building Start to Finish by Loganix


Competitive Analysis

Analysing the SERPs for keywords provided

Identifying your top ranking competitors

Pulling backlink and citation profiles for said competitors

Compiling a list of opportunities found for later consideration
Citation Auditing

Searching current variations of NAP (Name, Address, Phone) provided

Searching previous (pre re­brand for example) version of NAP

Compiling a list of EVERY instance of NAP (correct and incorrect) found

Noting what, if anything, is incorrect in the citation uncovered

Organizing this data in a easy to read and understand report

Let’s talk about each type of citation for a minute…

Local Business Directories

I went over those above. They are your Yelp, Insiderpages, etc of the world. They can get a lot
more niche too, just depends. It’s a tricky balance, and we are always trying to strike between
high authority, and niche/local.


We will create a number of videos using a wicked tool called It enables us to
create these real neat explainer videos. If you don’t know what those are, check out Powtoon.
We use content, images and whatever else we can get our hands on to create simple videos
around what the business does. They are 30 seconds max, and not exactly sales tools, but also
not something you’d be ashamed of.
Videos will be uploaded to video sharing sites, with citations, descriptions and a link placed in
the wherever it makes most sense. Generally these videos fall to the back of the SERPs never
to be seen, but still serve as good citation/link opportunities.


At the outset, the client will provide us with photos…pictures of their team, office, work events,
logo, and more. We will optimize these for the keywords and location (think coordinates) in the
meta data. Once finished, we upload these to sites like Flickr and, where given the opportunity,
optimize again on that platform with citations, descriptions and links placed wherever it makes
the most sense.


This includes sites like Tumblr,, etc. We skip over the Facebooks and Twitters of the
world as most folks already have them, and it’s a hassle creating important profiles for those
sites. Instead we go for the less known (but still big authority) sites and create a business profile
on them. Nothing too fancy…citation, photos, link, business description, other info.


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