How to write better bullets

How to write better bullets

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Bullet points are one of the most efficient parts of the copy.

Copy has massive impact on your marketing efforts. Internet marketing is direct response marketing. And to get response from the market you need to know how to sell with your words.

If you aren’t yet learning how to write a good copy, you should start asap!

This skill pays off. Each and every Top Dog I’m introducing on this website can write a killer copy.

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So, back to bullets.

They’re super important.

Here’s an excempt what you’re about to get:

– Don’t make bullet points obscure, or hard to understand

– Don’t make them so short that people need to strain their brain to figure out what they’re all about

– DO: Focus on a benefit very close to what they prospect already wants, or would want if he or she knew about it

– DO: Use intrigue to “tease” the prospect about unusual benefits they might want, without always spelling it out 100%

example: you’ve got a tropical resort with a petting zoo for children.

Don’t: • Your children will have a great time with our friendly petting zoo crew: seven sheep, two ponies, four llamas and three kangaroos.

Do: • Your children will love our special petting zoo with familiar and exotic animals. They’re all safe, and your kids will learn about animals they’ve never seen before!

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