How to Get Email Subscribers Like Ramit Sethi

How to Get Email Subscribers Like Ramit Sethi

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Collecting leads… If you are doing any kind of IM, you already know it’s a science. And it’s not easy. Marketplace is super competitive. Especially English-speaking market.

If you have well-oiled lead gen system, it means you’ve already won half of the battle.

Of course, if you can’t convert your leads and your back-end sucks, it doesn’t matter how many leads you can collect.

But most of us see our first struggles here – collecting qualified leads.

So, how pro’s do it?

Well, they have big teams, a lot of money and experience to lay back on. So not everything can be implemented the way guys like Ramit Sethi do.

However, you can always learn from them.

This piece (link below) is a thorough analysis on how Ramit Sethi collects leads and builds his list. Ramit is one of the most famous online entrepreneurs out there.

Short teaser from the post:

Rule 1: ABO – Always Be Offering

No matter what page or post a new visitor lands on, always show them an opt-in offer. Different people will discover your site in different ways. Some will come from Google and arrive on a blog post. Others will hear about you, type in the URL and arrive on your homepage. And still others might discover you through social media.

No matter what the entry point is on your website, always give your visitor a way to sign-up. No waiting. No searching. The opt-in offer should never be more than 1 click away.

You’ll soon discover that Ramit has opt-in opportunities just about everywhere. It’s impossible to go to his website and leave without seeing at least one sign-up form.

Read on by clicking here..there’s A LOT of valuable information and takeaways to learn.

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