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    Frank Kern has been hailed as the President of The Internet.  He’s also regarded as the


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Frank Kern

Frank Kern

Frank Kern has been hailed as the President of The Internet.  He’s also regarded as the highest paid internet marketing consultant. Pretty sweet accolades.

Kern started as a door-to-door salesman, didn’t enjoy it one bit, but fortunately got his hands on Tony Robbins tapes, which changed his thinking and mindset.

He also started learning about making money online.

The first product he sold online? E-book called “Teach Your Parrot To Speak”.

Yes. you read it right…After this, he went on to make a course for dog owners, and created websites for 600 (!) different breeds.

And made over 1 million $ in revenue in 2006. Impressive stuff.

Fast forward to today.

Kern is an icon in the industry and has done some of the most succesful launches to date. According to some sources, his StomperNet launch made 18.3 million in one day.

Another big one from Kern was the Mass Control program. Also the re-launch, Mass Control 2.0.

However, before all this success, he had some troubles. Back in the 2003, Frank was sued by the FTC! You can read all about it by clicking here.

Frank Kern has been around for ages. And rightly so.

He’s an excellent copywriter, like most or all IM gurus are. He’s also super-charismatic guy. If you check his videos (links below), you’ll know what I mean.

And he’s good. He knows marketing inside out. The right words to use. The technical part of internet marketing. How to work human emotions etc.

People pay a lot of money to be part of his Inner Circle group.

Introduction from Frank’s website

Introduction on Frank’s website does not tell that much about the man, but more what he can do for the visitor.  I would recommend you to hop there and read it yourself, as it’s a great copy and it has better effect with the design of the page.

It might be one of the best “about me” pages I’ve seen. Check it out here.



Free video trainings, videos and interviews

Live events

  • From time to time, Frank invites his subscribers to have a dinner with him in his own house. It’s for a hefty fee ( I think it was 17k per person). I haven’t seen it publicly advertised anywhere, so if you want to be part of that, subscribe to his list and stay alert!

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