Frank Kern and Dan Kennedy E-factors

Frank Kern and Dan Kennedy E-factors

Here’s a video that Frank Kern recently shared to his subscribers. He interviews Dan Kennedy, the master copywriter, and there are SO many valuable insights in the interview.

There are two main things that I would like to highlight.

First, the e-factors (emotional factors).

Almost every sale is always tied to an e-factor. People are not rational in their buying decisions. The more e-factors you can include to your copy, the better.  Stronger the emotion, less rational the decision.

The most basic e-factors are greed, love (lust), pride, guilt, fear.

There’s shame (don’t be a poor loser, get rich,look rich, act rich etc), anger, emotional pain (suppressed feelings, resentment, rage, mysticism or unknown, revenge, uncertainty etc. And many many more.

Learn to use e-factors in your copy and you’ll become far more effective copywriter and marketer.

And the second thing I would like to highlight is progressive agreements.

Most of the companies tell to their prospects why they have a good product or service, why one should buy from them, then go into details about the product etc.

They skip so many steps of the buyer-journey. Steps that are taking place in their prospects heads.

You might want to rewind a bit and start thinking what are the steps they have to agree to – before they are ready to give you any money.

For example:

They have to agree that there’s a problem.
They have to agree that there’s a solution to that problem
They have to agree that they can have that solution.
They have to agree that this solution is good for them.
They have to agree that they’re going to do it.
They have to agree that your company provides that solution and is matter of fact, the best option.

Basically, what are the things they have to agree to to make the purchase.

If you’re writing new copy for your next marketing campaign, think about e-factors and progressive agreements. There’s a good chance you’ll make changes to your current copy.

Frank Kern and Dan Kennedy


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