Ezra Firestone

Ezra Firestone

Ezra Firestone is an e-commerce guy. I like and trust him, because he doesn’t only sell infoproducts (which are good), but he actually runs a successful ecommerce business (If I remember correctly, he pulled in $22m last year). He’s also founder of the Smartmarketer blog and website, which produces crazy amount of valuable content.

His motto is to “Serve the world unselfishly and profit”.

It doesn’t only sound good, but it’s also the truth. The more you serve others, the more profit you’ll make. It’s that easy. Keep that in mind if you’re still looking for the idea for your business. Where can you benefit other people most? This is where you (most likely) can profit as well.

Ezra started in 2005 selling cheese online using Google AdWords. He’s been in this space ever since and gotten really good at it. He’s been in many industries, from dropshipping to private label businesses, to real estate and training courses.

Although there are people who try to say that physical products niche is no longer a good business to be in, Ezra has an opposite view. Because millenials are hitting their prime spending age, the eCommerce is likely to boom in the years to come.

That said, Ezra does not deny the fact that infoproducts is an extremely profitable niche to be in.

Ezra is also firm believer in willpower and self-teaching. As is yours truly.

He’s mastered so many different parts of selling online. Online media buying, SEO, landing page psychology, copywriting, eCommerce user behavior, social media marketing – it really is a rare combination of skills that would pay off handsomely for any online entrepreneur.

Besides Smartmarketer.com, Ezra is also a partner in BOOM! and the founder of Zipify. Zipify is a company focused on developing Shopify eCommerce applications. They help Shopify store owners to grow their businesses.

Thanks to his success as an entrepreneur, Ezra is able to help is community through non-profit work. He’s the head of We are Family Manhattan, an all-volunteer, no cost of administration non-profit organization. Ezra organizes the re-distribution of surplus goods and food to those in need.

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