Charles Ngo

Charles Ngo

I discovered Mr. Charles Ngo not too long ago, but being the experienced consumer of information that I am, I instantly realized I’ve found another gem here.

I have to say that most of the overviews here I order from freelancers to save time, and then just modify and add text that I feel should be added.

But this time the freelancer really made a poor overview, so it’s a tough challenge to make it logical and useful. But I’ll do my best nevertheless.

I tell it to you so you could learn from it – always do proper quality control when you order writing (or any other) services. I was super busy and didn’t do that – plus gave him good reviews on delivery.


Charles Ngo is a super-affiliate. Super-affiliates are the guys that sell shitloads of affiliate products. Their campaigns are big and successful and they make a ton of money. And Charles is one of the alphas among the super-affiliates.

Affiliates don’t hold inventory. They only promote the products of other people. For many, it’s the ultimate business model. No need to build a product, invest in inventory and deal with the issues that arise.

Mr. Ngo also produces crazy-good content. I have gazillion subscriptions and he’s one of the few marketers that I always read.

I’m equally amazed by his website design, it looks damn good. I have a link below as well.

Besides making a lot of sales, Charles Ngo teaches other people affiliate marketing. This is why you should be interested in him.

He studied marketing at Georgia Tech. I think there aren’t many top online marketers that actually studied marketing at college.

Not that this made him as good as he is today. He’s gotten that good by trial and error. By failing hundred times and learning. Charles doesn’t do one or two tests to see what works. He does 15 or 20. And this is what separates the super-affiliates from average Joe’s.

From humble beginnings as an employee of a company promoting brands using AdWords, Charles has become a very successful online entrepreneur.

He has also founded and operated several startups about blogging, eBay and SEO site management.

While in college, he made 25k before he got banned from Paypal. At the age of 22!

Charles looked up discounts on items and resold them at full price on Amazon and eBay. Once you discover the magic of making money online, you want more. And Charles wanted way more.

He failed at 14 campaigns – losing 4k in the process – before he nailed the 15th campaign. And made $75 000 profit. He went on to make over $1m in his first year as a full time affiliate. Crazy.

Today, Charles Ngo is well known in the affiliate marketing industry. He has tens of thousands of followers, yet he somehow manages to stay humble and down to earth.  He also has a top program that teaches you how to make it as an affiliate.

More on that below.

Introduction from Charles Ngo’s website

I have only added an excerpt here. Link to his website introduction below.

I’m the foremost thought leader in an industry called affiliate marketing. Over 50,000+ people a month read my insights on affiliate marketing, internet marketing, and productivity.

Affiliate marketing is my life – I’ve been doing this for the past 9 years and I’ve done very well from this industry.

How did I do it?

I was an average student at high school and in my marketing classes at Georgia Tech. Video games were my only passion – StarCraft anyone?

I started a few small businesses on eBay, blogging, SEO sites, but NOTHING stuck. Plus, you know how much work it is listing things on eBay and packing, shipping, labelling etc!

Most of my friends had their life sorted. They all seemed happy and went into investment banking, Big 4, tech companies etc… But I was 100% clueless about my future.

I wanted to make a lot of money – that’s the only thing I knew for sure. So I applied for a TON of jobs. Any industry where I thought I could make good money, I applied to. I FINALLY landed a job doing Adwords for a big company – success!

Well, no actually… At the company I worked for they focused on mainly brand marketing, so it wasn’t really about ROI or performance marketing… In fact it wasn’t very interesting at all. The job wasn’t BAD as far as jobs go, but I wanted more. I spent 2+ hours commuting every single day, and I was only making about $40k per year. But I had one burning question in my mind…

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Work With Charles

At this moment Charles can’t offer 1 on 1 help with affiliate campaigns. You can reach out to him on this page though.

Course Reviews

We’ll add Charles Ngo’s Super Affiliate Intensive to very soon.

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