Chandler Bolt

Chandler Bolt

When Chandler Bolt came to the scene, he was pretty much the youngest guy I followed. He was already doing some damage and making cash online. I wanted to do that as well, so I kept my eye on him.

Chandler is an author.  6-times bestselling author. And he runs multimillion dollar business. He’s 24-25 or 26 years old. <- I am not 100% sure.

In short, he’s a total badass.

So, let’s briefly check his journey, shall we.

He quit his college to pursue his dream of publishing books. He was certain that the time he spent at school could be worth much more.

Well, Chandler wrote his first book, ‘The Productive Season’ which talked about time management. It was inspired by what he learned from his teenage work and school experience. He published the book in November 2013 while still working as an intern at Student Painters.

A month away from publishing his book, he gained nearly $7000 which he split with his business partner at the time, James Roper. They had met while doing their internship at Student Printers. This is how Bolt gained confidence in what he wanted to do. From then, the book made between $2000 and $ 5000 each month.

Chandler did not leave school yet though. He got a scholarship to study in Austria. He was overjoyed by how much passive income he made while snowboarding in Austria. What a feeling that might of been..

He decided to leave college after Austria in January 2014.

Bolt, together with his co-author Roper, went on to build a Self-Publishing School. The prime goal of the school is to teach authors to publish and sell books. In short period of time.

Chandler says that most people fear to start what they love. Beating his fear of starting the school and dropping from college is what he is proud of today.

So are we, Chandler, so are we.

Introduction from Chandler’s website

6-time bestselling author and creator of Self Publishing School.

There’s a book inside you. And my goal is to help you find it and go from blank page to bestseller – even if you’re busy, idea-less, or bad at writing like me.

See, everybody wants to write a book – we just don’t know how.

If you’re like me, you’ve dreamed about becoming an author for years.

You want to find the story you were born to share, then turn it into a book you’re proud of – and still have plenty of time for your family, friends, career, and other hobbies.

Fortunately, there’s a better, faster, easier way to turn your dream into reality.

From college dropout to 5X bestselling author (and 7-figure business) in 2 years

My success story began when I dropped out of college.

I was a C-minus English student and a bad writer, but I knew there was a story inside me. I finished that book in the month between dropping out and going on a vacation.

Just 2 years later, I’ve published my FIFTH bestselling book, all while helping non-writers in dozens of fields create their bestselling books.

I even built a million-dollar-plus business during that time – and I still had free time to see friends and family, travel to my brother’s concerts, and go skiing.

Now, here’s the truth: Most people don’t even want to build a 7-figure business because it takes a tremendous amount of effort (and, let’s be honest, some luck and sleepless nights).

But just about anyone can become a bestselling author.

What’s the “secret?” You don’t need more information – you need a system

Whether you’ve dreamed of writing (or finishing) your first book, leaving a legacy, or using your book to multiply your business…



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  3. Creating A Thriving Business, Blog, and Raving Fans

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