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Copywriting Academy by Ray Edwards

A lot of the courses I’ve recently added here have been about copywriting. As the name of this course already reveals – Copywriting Acadmy –  this one is also about the same topic. I do it on purpose. Copywriting is

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Simple Writing System by John Carlton

What is the “Simple Writing System”? The Simple Writing System (SWS) is an eight-week internet coaching program, created by advertising wizard John Carlton. There are 18 video lessons, coupled with online feedback from coaches that have been trained in teaching

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Copy Chief by Kevin Rogers

Copy Chief is not an online course, but a community. The truth is, when you buy a good online course, the community is often the place where you get the most value from, as you meet so many like-minded people.

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NLP Copywriting Emails

What is NLP Copywriting Emails is a copywriting course from none other than Harlan Kilstein (PhD). Harlan Kilstein is a guy who has written some of the best promotions for other guys I’ve dubbed as top copywriters. For example, his

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