Billion Dollar Processes

by admin | 04/07/2017 8:41 pm

I want to share a video with you that I consider one of the best business training videos I’ve ever watched.

I was so impressed with this content that I actually wrote a 30-page e-book based on this video.

It’s just not me – the whole audience seems to be loving it. Merv Symes from Simplicty Design[1]s talks about company processes and productivity at Dan Martell’s event.

Here are some excerpts from the video that I loved:

Even if you grow and innovate, you can still be diying out.

You might move in the right direction, but you might not improve and move fast enough.

You need to improve faster than the rest today, to be able to innovate for tomorrow.

You have to do those things in the right order. First you improve, then you innovate, and then you grow.

Usually, companies try to do this otherway around – first they try to innovate and grow, and then if any time is left over, they try to improve.


Optimum Price of everything you sell falls between value and cost.  So, if customer pays too much, he thinks he overpaid and value in his eyes goes down.  It means he does not see the value on that price level. 

Very seldom customer says: “I got a great value, but I paid too much.” Usually they just say they paid too much. If they say that, then price is too close to the value they are getting.


It’s not the business with the highest value that wins or lowest cost that wins, but a business with the WIDEST triangle.  Businesses that can push down the costs while providing the most value win.

Value triangle focuses on the question of “How to give my client more value and how I deliver that value on ever-lower cost? “

Answer: Having better processes.

There’s so much more. Just check it out. It’s worth your time.

Billion Dollar Company Processes With Merv Symes[2]

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