The Anatomy of a 6-figure e-mail course

The Anatomy of a 6-figure e-mail course

This post was published on Ramit Sethi’s If you are planning to create and sell an online course, then this article is a must read. Link below.


Online courses are the holy grail of information products these days. Every IM wants to create one. Tries to create one.

Wait, don’t have your own course?

Even e-commerce guys selling physical products create online courses. It’s where the money is.

And although video courses are the most popular, I’ve noticed I’m more open to simple e-mail courses lately. They just take less time.

This excellent post from Ramit Sethi’s Growthlab blog got my attention, as I would also gladly sell an e-mail course that brings in a lot of dough.

Check this excempt from the post and say you aren’t intrigued..

Every online entrepreneur is looking for that “fly-wheel,” a predictable way of spending money and getting more in return. But rarely do we find it. Instead, we hop from random tactic to random tactic. We try Facebook ads, we try webinars, we try and try and try.

Two years ago, I went searching for my own El Dorado, my golden fly-wheel. And after a lot of trial-and-error, I’m now at the point where I can spend about $2.50 on a Facebook ad opt-in and get back $55.80, or about a 22x ROI.

My goal with this guide isn’t to bait you into thinking that there’s “one secret trick” you can use to 22x your acquisition costs in less than a month.

Instead, I’m going to share the thought process that went into me thinking, “I want to reliably put money in and get money out,” and what I ended up trying — complete with examples and results. I’ll tell you about what worked and what didn’t, and I’ll show you all the juicy statistics I’ve accumulated along the way. This is a story of the messy path to building the business one wants.

Don’t miss this, if you are interested in making money online.

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