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My name is Mikk Maal. I live in Estonia, which is a small country in Europe, located between Finland and Russia.

I have a law degree and tax advisory business with offices in Estonia, Finland and Switzerland. I can give tax advice, but I identify myself as a marketer, as this skill has allowed me to build this business faster than anybody else in the market.

I have to admit that I am bit of an information junkie. Like all marketers and self-improvement junkies are. Always after the new thing to gain an edge. New bits of information, something, anything!

If you are like me and you are guilty of consuming too much information, you probably know this is not the best way to succeed. There’s just too much information available.

There are too many courses, marketers, coaches and consultants too choose from. Which is why I created this website. I hope it will help a lot of entrepreneurs to navigate while they try to sort things out.

But I have to tell you – there’s no secret sauce. The course that I review with 5 stars on all fronts, it might not work for you.


Because you are not ready to put in the work. You are not ready to implement. Believe me, I’ve gone through this scenario for far too many times. Invested money, never even went through the whole course, never implemented what is taught, and getting exactly zero results.

In reality, most of the courses actually do work. They can produce wonderful change and momentum in your life, if you are ready to follow through. Almost no one ever does! Very small amount of people who buy the courses actually go out of their way to implement and do everything needed. These are the people that succeed. These are the people we envy and admire for crushing it.

So it’s about implementation of the information you consume. If you don’t implement, then..well, why did you buy yet another course?

And it’s about understanding yourself, the stage where you are at life. We want to do the advanced stuff, when we should really start from the the beginning.

It’s about understanding the basics, key concepts, which are true now and were true 50 years ago.

My goal with this website is to help you get off the ground. First with the basics, then with the advanced stuff.

And save you a lot of time in the process.