100 Million Headlines Analyzed

100 Million Headlines Analyzed

Headlines – what an important topic that is.

I mean, it’s all about attention, right. If you can’t get your reader to click and read your offers or articles, it’s pretty much impossible to make your marketing to work.

A good headline is something you can’t ignore.

It’s there, in your social feed. You’re not in the mood of reading any articles or buying etc.

But the headline is so good, so enticing..that curiosity wins. You click.

Once you get them to click, it’s your copy and offer that has to do the rest.

My favorite headline of all times? Hard to say the favorite, but one of them has to be:

“They laughed when I sat down at the piano – but when I started to play!”

It’s powerful because of the emotional desires we all have.

So, what about those 100 million headlines? It’s an article from Buzzsumo, another excellent source of marketing wisdom.

Here’s an excerpt from the article that might just be the most important part of the whole blog post:

  • Why should the reader care about your content?

  • Can you make a promise or claim about the impact of your article on the reader?

  • Can you include an emotional element – especially if looking to gain traction on Facebook?

  • Are you tapping into a trending topic, if so can you call it out in the headline?

  • Can you make it a quiz or challenge?

  • Could you position it as an explanation or answer post?

  • Who’s your tribe – what headlines resonate with them?

  • Will a more partisan or controversial headline appeal to your tribe?

  • Are you aiming for 12-18 words in your headline?

Link to Buzzsumo article here. 

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